Conflict Management

workplace conflict resolution

Whats it about

Conflict is such a broad topic so lets discuss what it means to you and how your organisation is being disrupted and we will let you know where we can help.

Internal or external conflict: We have experts in "people relationships' to help with that conflict inside the workplace with good resolution strategies built around communication and transparency.

Angry Customers: If you're in retail, hospitality, or have a customer facing reception, chances are you have had to deal with "that guy" (or women). Angry, frustrated customers, possibly under the influence or drink or drugs or mental illness. There are some basic human skills around communication that will help, but we will enhance you ability to resolve the situation with some of our basic strategies.

We are also pragmatic about dealing with angry people, we understand its "not your day job, your area of expertise and  depending on time place and circumstances not all situations can be resolved with calming emphatic words so your personal safety is always paramount. With our strategies you will also be thinking of 'what is my exit plan" and when do I need to pull the lever on this.

Lets discuss your needs and where we can help.

Who is it for

Any organisation that has had to deal with the angry customer or had internal conflict with staff. Given we are talking about people, then that's probably your organisation.


Because its a legal obligation for you to train your people and to mitigate siituations that can escalate to aggression and violence. But thats secondary you do it because you value your staff.