Critical Incident Readiness

Whats it about

We help your business be more resilient by working with you to gain insights into those critical incidents which may disrupt your organisation and your people. Gain confidence through visibility of critical incident risk and mitigate this through a pragmatic incident response framework supported by good staff training and leadership. We can assist through all of this, its our area of expertise.

We know through our experience that "chaos reigns in crisis". What is equally true, is that you reduce this chaos by good leadership, good procedures supported by training and equally important, scenario testing. Weather you are a small NZ business or large corporation we have the background and experience to assist in this space and within your training budget.

Work with us and we will co design your critical incident management plan. Place your people at the core and centre of the plan and from here build capacity across these areas - Resilience - Readiness - Response and Recovery.

Through the life cycle of new or established organisations it's is almost certain that you will face any number of incidents that could be categorized as critical;

  • Natural disaster on a scale of disruption, destruction, evacuation or staff injury
  • Dealing with aggressive customers with the potential for violence
  • Serious workplace injuries
  • Violent criminal offending - ie Robbery
  • Business disruption - due to criminal offending in proximity
  • Emergency evacuations - fire - bomb threats
  • Any situation requiring immediate lock down of premises and staff
  • Threats and intimidation
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Adverse media attention
  • Internal theft or fraud

If you want to be on the front foot then lets discuss putting together a critical incident management framework for your team. We don't believe in bogging you down with policy and procedure. We believe in a critical incident response framework that is pragmatic, flexible in response and that is supported by leader led conversations to ensure that readiness and response actions are spoken to regularly in team meetings. This then builds your resilience.

Who is it for

Any organisation that understands the benefit of pre planning. There are so many examples of people and businesses suffering because they don't have a level of critical incident readiness. Our training in Critical Incident Readiness aligns nicely with our business services in Risk Management and Security Consultancy. Check out our pages on these services and lets talk.


Because a level of readiness makes your people and your business more resilient. Know what to do and when to do it with a pragmatic critical incident response plan from QRisk.