International travel security


Corporate travel safety

If your business sends people overseas then your legal obligations in keeping them safe extends to that trip. It goes beyond simply providing travel insurance and a pass to the lounge. Contact us around supporting your business international travel safety and security and we can facilitate conversation (face to face or zoom) and provide tips and advice that helps keep your people safe whilst they are traveling internationally. We can even provide destination specific Intel briefs.

Employees will all have different levels of international travel experience. Its worth remembering that "business traveling kiwis" have all been caught up in incidents whilst traveling for work. That list of incidents ranges from;

  • Taxi scams
  • Currency scams
  • Theft of passports and belongings
  • Street robberies
  • Accident and injury
  • Driving in a foreign country, causing injury in an accident and getting caught up in a flash mob mentality
  • Getting caught up in political and social unrest
  • Political coups
  • Being caught up in active shooter situations
  • Terrorism

International travel should be encouraged and if work is paying for it, even better. But as a responsible employer make sure that you tick off an appropriate level of international travel awareness, training and support with cognizance of destination and the experience of those traveling. QRisk is here to support you with this.


Travel - High risk locations

If your business or non-profit organisation takes you to high risk locations, undeveloped countries or conflict zones, then you will be aware of the risks of operating in these environments. Personal injury, the threat of terrorism, civil unrest , violent crime and disease are all real and require a level of planning. By partnering with us we provide a security layer that allows you to be successful in your endeavors while providing you confidence that your risk is being well managed.

Our international experience in helping individuals and businesses stay safe and secure is extensive. Europe, Africa, Asia, Thailand, India, South America, Mexico, Afghanistan, South Pacific and throughout Australia. Whatever the scope of your next personal or business adventure lets chat before you fly and discuss your security concerns.

  • In country security risk analysis
  • Develop and implement security plans
  • Security training for your people
  • VIP protection services
  • Full close protection team including medic support
  • Pre departure consultation
  • Pre departure security training