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Presenting at the recent Air NZ Health & Safety Forum | Auckland 2018

Presenting at the recent Air NZ Health & Safety Forum | Auckland 2018

Engaging Keynote presentations

Be entertained and learn through Paul’s powerful storytelling and authentic honesty about his global experiences where he delivers candid, genuine presentations designed to truly reach your team.

 Paul’s background is in high-risk operations, conflict zones and global adventures - as a sniper and assault team leader in the NZ Police Special Tactics Group (STG) and as an international security operative. Leading people through critical incidents where lives are at stake and decisions need to be made. Collaborate in peace, lead in crisis is his operational mantra.

His extraordinary career has taken him from conflict in the Solomon Islands, devastation in East Timor a war zone in Afghanistan, to being on tour with Metallica in South America. Add to that being imprisoned in Africa and having coffee in the Christchurch Cathedral Café on February 22, 2011, and you’ve got a whole lot of surprisingly relatable life experiences for your team to learn from.

If you’re looking for a speaker on topics such as Personal Resilience - Leadership in Crisis - Team Development - Creating a Positive Team Culture or Taking Responsibility in Health & Safety then you have found your speaker that will mix your deliverables with his global back story - Lets chat

Hilarious - Authentic - global - thought provoking

“ The easiest way to see if I am the right fit for your gig is lets chat or meet & greet, have coffee and within minutes we’ll both know if were a match for your function. So lets chat now” Cheers, Paul 021 2010871

afghanistan keynote speaker | paul walsh qrisk


There is a story as to why this picture is called “not the four seasons hotel” - Learn more from this adventure. Our H&S talks , to being involved in a helicopter crash in this part of the world - not ideal but plenty to learn. Swiss cheese model anyone !

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You-Me-We Project

Your corporate speaking or training engagement with QRisk will change young peoples lives outside of your organisation and they will have you to thank for it - Click here for more of the why and how.

Motivate with a tailored Presentation

Paul tailors his stories for keynote speeches for businesses, after dinner presentations, corporate training sessions and Health & Safety forums.

Paul is humorous, warm and relatable – peppered with a good pinch of grit. Above all, he is dedicated to ensuring his audience is engaged and connected. 

Contact Paul for a no obligation meeting to discuss your needs and to create a bespoke experience that meets your organisations objectives.

challenge your team - challenge your thinking - make change happen

stg keynote paul walsh | qrisk


Hear some of the stories that made it a privilege to work with this highly trained group of professionals. Much respect to the men and women that continue to serve in this group today

baby kahu hostage rescue | paul walsh keynote speaker

Learn about this hostage rescue

Baby Kahu, snatched from the streets of Wellington. A ten day hostage drama and a 3 million ransom. A story that gripped the nation. Hear how it all ends and the lessons learnt

Entertain & Educate

Paul will weave your deliverables into story by drawing on his experiences. His themes include (but are not limited to!):

  • Teamwork and mate-ship – a small isolated team working to save lives and help rebuild communities in the face of conflict

  • Building Resilience - learn about amazing stories of survival and resilience from a village in East Timor

  • Coping in a crisis – direct experiences from his own episode of banged up abroad in a Tanzanian jail

  • Having clarity of purpose – planning and executing a hostage rescue in minutes. Leadership in crisis situations !

  • Doing the right thing – challenging the status quo when lives are a stake. Tip: put people first.

Keen to empower your staff, inspire and motivate your team and make great things happen in your organisation?

Contact us and we will bring something extraordinary to your day. At the same time you will be empowering young peoples lives through our You-Me-We project.

Funny-Challenging-Brutally Honest

East Timor Massacre | Keynote speaker paul walsh

Hard Hat and the amazing story of his village

Resilience in the face of a massacre . This is an incredible story of survival that everyone can learn from. Resilience in the face of adversity

lets build the keynote together

We want your training day or corporate event to be successful. If Paul is coming to speak then he has a vested interest in making it great. The first part of the engagement is to focus in on what you want from having us as your motivational or keynote speaker. Through this discussion we can pick the stories that really hit the target. There's plenty to choose from, so let’s get together and help build your day and smash it out of the park!

Resilient Kids | Keynote speaker paul walsh

We can all learn from these kids

No food readily available here. These kids are actually hunting for birds to have on the dinner table. Amazing kids with big smiles who suffered so much