QTactical Pen - JB1 | Mightier than the Sword |

QTactical Pen - JB1 | Mightier than the Sword |


This beautifully crafted pen may just save your life one day. Of course, write your memoirs, your poetry or thesis or sign the new employment contract, but this pen is there to do more than write lovely prose or scribble your signature. It’s a self defence ninja on your side and in an emergency it breaks glass. Free that stranded puppy in a hot car or save someone who is trapped !

Made of quality aluminum, this is light weight but incredibly strong. Safe to carry (and to fly with) you will always want one with you. You just never know when you may need to do more than write something beautiful. Have a QTactical Pen on your side !

Branded with our Q which is a reminder of quality and serves as a reminder that you got this situation !.

Stay safe and travel well.

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Ideal for Mum, the Dad who has everything and your teenage daughter. Think of a time place and circumstances where this will become that piece of kit you are glad you have close to hand. The pen is mightier than the sword…. especially when it can become the sword and save someone in a trapped car. Jason Bourne probably has one of these and you should have one too. Get your JB1 QTactical pen today. An ideal Christmas gift.

Weight: Pen 29 grams - Pen with Cap 46 grams

Length : 150mm with cap

Material: Aluminum Alloy