QRescue QRT1 | Peace of Mind

QRescue QRT1 | Peace of Mind


The QRescue Tool QRT1. Every vehicle should have one. Ever had a concern of being trapped inside a vehicle and unable to open the door in an emergency. Then get the QRescue tool. Smash window glass - cut seat belts where required and get yourself and others to safety. Lightweight and portable. Get one and put in it your glove box or door well today.

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QRescue Tool

Often in our Qtraining workshops people have expressed a real risk and fear of being trapped inside a car without the ability to escape. Tragically this risk is real and has had catastrophic consequences. Always have a plan, be prepared. Have the confidence that close at hand you have a tool that can help you in those emergencies. Get your QRescue tool today.

Made of hardened plastic with a sharp metal head designed to focus the point of impact and break the window glass. Have confidence with this great piece of kit that works. Tested in Auckland New Zealand, the actual force required is very very little. A swift striker to the corner of the window (weak point) and the glass shatters. Buy with the QRescue tool with confidence.

Ships with QRescue tool packaging and comes with a black plastic holder.