Plans are Useless

This quote came from a pretty impressive guy who helped shaped the end of WW2. He was speaking in the context of battle and saying that plans are useless. And I agree.

eisenhower dday


But here is the gold dust, his quote is "plans are useless but the planning is indispensable". And in terms of critical incident management as it relates to business and personal security scenario's this is absolutely true in my view.

Dwight's point is, in the battle things change and therefore the plan is redundant unless it can flex. Don't be so rigid that you can't change, can't adapt.

Invest in planning, in robust discussion, in what if scenarios, thrash this out and deep dive into contingency action thinking. Its here that you gain the gold nuggets. This planning is never lost. It builds resilience.

And when an incident occurs that you don't have a 30 page org plan tucked away. Rest easy - because you have already been there with your planning. You have already got this !

What if conversations are a powerful way to discuss scenarios that affect people safety and security - its part of your planning.

Spend quality time planning and you will develop succinct, pragmatic fit for purpose plans that can adapt to a changing operational environment.