Delete the word panic

I have seen the word "panic" feature way too often inside organisations. Its almost that in a crisis situation it's okay or expected that there is some level of acceptable panic. Recently in a H&S testing environment a business wide email was distributed that said "Dont panic, we are only testing the fire alarms" , that to me suggests if it wasn't for the test, then panic in some way is acceptable. In retail or customer situations where there there is a likelihood of some level of critical incident such as robbery or aggressive customer,  management install "panic buttons" and refer to them as this in SOP's.  In managing critical incidents you will get panic from your people if panic is part of your organization vocabulary. Remove it. In its place have appropriate "what if'  planning discussions, supported by pragmatic incident management boards that bring SOP's to life through a "Plan on a Page" concept. There is never a need to panic - regardless of the crisis. Think - Plan - Do. And remove panic.