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The Biggest Area of Learning Neglected in Modern Education

A recent survey showed that parents unanimously agree life skills are neglected in today’s education system. Life skills such as personal finance management, career development, and managing both mental and physical health are typically thought of as the domain of a motivational speaker, rather than that of a teacher in early education.

Young people who enter the adult world with a solid understanding of these life skills can feel empowered, and ready to help guide their peers to greater heights. Today, we’ll further explore which skills parents value, and why.

A motivational speaker for personal finance

Managing money and personal capital is an unavoidable part of today’s society. Having a basic awareness of investment can go a long way, even if you don’t actually end up using the knowledge to invest in anything yourself, as it provides a framework for interfacing with different businesses during your career. If students were able to run a model business, for example, they would be better equipped to keep themselves out of debt later in life.

Help with career development

Parents also rate career development as a major gap in modern education. Having a comprehensive sense of the skills involved in planning ahead would benefit students immensely, as they would feel more confident about the day-to-day decisions they were making in life. The teacher’s approach with this is important, as if they are too overbearing about the importance of planning ahead, it could have an opposite, demotivating effect. Simply having a motivational speaker visit a school to inspire kids about career development while addressing safe and risky choices can be invaluable at this stage in life.

Increased awareness of both safety and risk in school

While health education is already part of the curriculum, a focus on managing both the physical and mental aspects of health together is still lacking. As our insight into mental health grows deeper, its importance as a subject in schools becomes more and more apparent. Students with background knowledge on managing mental health would not only feel prepared for the pressures of adult life, but use this understanding to better manage their experiences in school.

Want to cover these areas in the workplace?

It’s never too late to gain an appreciation for skills like these. If you feel like there’s potential for personal growth within your team, then this could be your opportunity to explore some of the fundamentals that society doesn’t always place enough value on. It can be as easy as inviting a skilled corporate speaker to your next event, so for more information, including details on booking now for your Christmas party, talk to us today.





Paul Walsh