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Executive Risk - It Exists

Executives by the nature of the position they hold and the decisions they make are quite often exposed to different risks than other employees. And sometimes, that risk becomes personal and the risk becomes a threat and the threat extends to beyond the workplace.

Comments like “I know where you live” or “wait til I see you out and about” or “one day when your not looking you’ll get it from behind” are all types of threats made to people working in senior roles in NZ workplaces. All have meant that there is a level of fear and anxiety for those at the receiving end. When this occurs support your people with effective executive risk mitigation.

Hard business decisions such as site closure, redundancy or staff dismissal often carry consequences for many within their care. This naturally leads to frustration, anger and on occasion, even threats of violence, retribution or damage to property. The threats can even extend to the executives family, both directly and indirectly.

At a point where anger and frustration (which are natural human responses) extend to violence or threats of violence then a line has been crossed and organisations need to move very quickly to mitigate that risk. This is where good support from industry subject matter experts provides its value.Better to have a good plan than to rely on good luck when it comes to your executive protection.

Now for the most part this risk sits at the low end of your risk likelihood matrix unless of course you are experiencing it now. But this doesn’t mean it should be ignored. There is value in looking at a number of what if scenarios and test some robust thinking and conversation around this type of risk. If the likelihood starts to increase towards the level of medium and the consequence is high or extreme, then its time to do that planning.

Intelligence based threats

This is where you might get direct or indirect information that an executive within your team is under threat. Angry customers, ex employees, industry agitators are just some examples of where we have previously assisted organisations with increasing the response around executive protection. It may come as a veiled threat, a call to a call centre or a threat made via a third person. All are reasons to sit up, take notice and understand the validity of the threat.

At this point involve the police and bring in expertise to help you navigate through this if you don’t have the experience in house. They will validate the intelligence and provide advice of what immediate action plans you should put in place and what you can then do in the short, medium and long term.

Executive leaders are the ones at times making the big calls with high levels of accountability. They are paid to do this. They are not paid to have their safety and that of their family threatened either through veiled threats or by people with intent and capability. In the first instance its unlikely to know which is at play so if it occurs get professional support.

Executive Support

Support in this space can be anything from;

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About the author;

Paul Walsh is a partner at QRisk and QTraining specialising in providing risk management and security consultancy solutions to individuals and organisations in NZ, Australia and abroad. If you are interested in knowing more about our VIP close protection services, please contact us today to discuss. You can be assured of our discretion and the team we put it on it, will be best in class with pedigree of training from the highest regarded NZ police and military units.