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Need a speaker for your health & safety conference?

Looking for a keynote speaker to present at your upcoming health and safety event? No matter what your workplace’s operating environment is like – corporate office, retail, or heavy construction – QRisk can deliver. The environments we live and work in may be different, but the guiding principles which we have to share, work the same for everyone.

Our focus on stories

People learn through storytelling. Your team will walk away remembering powerful moments that they can refer back to, and which they can leverage to implement change amongst themselves and spread key messages from our day together. QRisk has a whole host of health and safety messages that can be weaved into the specific keynote deliverables of your corporate speaking event.

Our catalogue of stories spans the globe: covert high-risk operations, being part of a UN mass-grave recovery in the remote East Timor jungle, and handling the safety of thousands inside rock venues in the modern geo-political world, to just name a few. Inside all of these stories are powerful lessons that are relevant for the health and safety leaders on your team. Some of the stories have good outcomes, others involve near-misses and lessons learnt. Our stories are told in a respectful manner with a focus on learning and growth.

A tailored experience

We have a genuine interest in making the day a success, and that won’t happen by chance. We put the time and effort into making your keynote relevant to you and your team, and we do it at no extra cost.

Our planning starts with understanding your requirements. In our first face-to-face meeting, we’ll make clear that the event is tailored to your team alone – we don’t believe in canned presentations. We stay focussed on exactly what you need, and create real value by making each engagement with you build on the last – we know that a good speaker and emcee has to know their audience on every level.

What’s more, this planning process doesn’t need to be weeks-long for us to achieve the best-quality presentation for your conference. Looking for someone to speak tomorrow? We can do that. If our schedules align, we can plan with minimal time – we’ve been involved in high-risk situations where the planning time is measured in only a few minutes. Even on short notice, we can deliver a tailored, one-of-a-kind learning opportunity.

Pay it forward

By working with us during 2018, you'll be empowering young people’s lives and giving them a wealth of real life skills. How? Well, we take 40 per cent of your engagement fee and pay it forward to a school or learning institute of your choice, to deliver an appropriate motivational speaker event on situational awareness and life-skill learning.

In return, you get a letter of appreciation and certificate from the school acknowledging that through your keynote speaking event, you’ve made young people’s lives safer and more valuable. You won’t be paying more for our services – we just use it as a platform to pay it forward. Motivating your team, and empowering young people’s lives is what we find truly inspiring.

If you’re interested in QRisk, we’re interested in you. Don’t put off organising your next health and safety event any longer – let’s talk over coffee today, so you can find out what we have to offer you and your team.

Challenge your team - challenge your thinking - make change happen.

Paul Walsh