Scenario Testing

Test your Response

When bad stuff happens, is your business truly able to keep your people and customers as safe as possible? 

We’ve worked with lots of businesses that have a plan, somewhere, in a draw... Some incident management plans can also seem over engineered, or worse, under engineered. We often hear “I’m not 100% sure what we would do and how we’d recover, if bad stuff did happen.”

Scenario testing can help answer these questions.

Scenario testing involves practising the response of an incident (e.g. Earthquake/Tsunami, aggressive customers, active shooters, etc.), through preparing for the event, running the event, debriefing the findings, embedding learnings and continually improving. 

Scenario testing embeds organisations readiness, by using the response “muscle” more. The more you use the muscle, the more natural the response to an incident becomes, the safer the people.

Scenario testing can be a simple, fun and interactive process, which we find brings a cross section of the organisation together, with a common goal – keeping safe and well.

We find that with the right kick start, the value and use of scenario testing long outlasts the cost of the consulting engagement by creating real long-term value and it can also be a great culture boost to get cross organisational teams working better together. 

Making things simple is actually very difficult, and that’s why its important to get the experts in early to help guide an organisations journey towards keeping their people and customers safe during an incident. 

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