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VIP Protection in New Zealand

VIP or Very Important Person is probably the wrong acronym when used in the cliché phrase of VIP protection. All people are important and depending on circumstances they may need to engage someone to help look after their personal security at some point in time. VIP Protection is also commonly known as CP or close protection.

So, who in NZ needs VIP protection. Well, Jacinda for a start and she gets a bunch of well squared operators from the NZ Police Diplomatic Protection Squad to provide her and the family with the required level of protection whilst in NZ and abroad.

Others could include NZ executives with high profiles, high net worth individuals and those who for whatever set of circumstances are under threat of violence or harm. High profile businessman and their families who are visiting New Zealand who expect a level of security and protection that they are used to in their respective countries and want the same when visiting here. When the next America’s Cup is hosted in NZ you can be sure a number of visiting syndicates, sponsors, and visiting dignitaries will be requiring VIP protection teams.

The requirement maybe risk and intelligence based, or it may simply be to provide confidence to the client and family that their personal security needs are being met, which allows them to focus on their business requirements or simply providing a safe and hassle-free environment on their visit to this great country.

Professional VIP close protection is much more than the phrase “bodyguard” would have you think. In fact, at QRisk we don’t like the phrase and providing bodyguard services is not part of our vocabulary but we acknowledge that within the public domain this is what most people consider VIP protection as.

The extent of protection available can be anything from a single operator through to a full team of four or more, 24 hours a day including driver, medical and intel support if required. It really is “risk and intelligence driven” that determines the need. Budget consideration is next but its important to first understand the risk and work from that point.

VIP Protection NZ | QRisk

FBI Director with NZ CP Team

The STG providing CP (close protection) to the then FBI Director Robert Muller III whilst he was on a visit to NZ a few years back. Photo taken beside his private jet as he and his entourage head back to the States

About the author;

Paul is a partner at QRisk and QTraining specialising in providing risk management and security consultancy solutions to individuals and organisations in NZ, Australia and abroad. If you are interested in knowing more about our VIP close protection services, please contact us today to discuss. You can be assured of our discretion and the team we put it on it, will be best in class with pedigree of training from the highest regarded NZ police and military units.