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Project in Action

Our You-Me-We project is our way of paying life skills forward to students within your community and your business plays a key role. Its your gift. Here is a quick blog of it in action.

What Happens

Your corporate speaking or training engagement with QRisk changes young peoples lives outside of your organisation and they will have you to thank for it. We pay a decent chunk of the client fee forward to a school that you choose.

The Why

We have some unique skills and stories to pass on to young people. These are life skills around situational awareness and making better decisions - at work, in travel, in life. In the global space of #metoo, we want to empower young people with skills that means #notme at a personal level and #notus at a group level. Mates looking after mates.

The Client

In August we were privileged to deliver two keynote presentations to the Air New Zealand health and safety forums in Auckland and Christchurch and we were very appreciative of the feedback we got from those attending. The messages obviously resonated as we will be doing further presentations to a wider group in November.

Through the engagement process discussions, Air NZ decided on the Aorere College as the recipients of the You-Me-We pay it forward gift. So that’s where we went. Thank you Air NZ.

Corporate Speaker | QRisk Paul Walsh

Be an Influencer of change

One of the key message as delivered to the Air NZ Health & Safety Forum 2018. This together with Situational Awareness - Be in the moment.

The School

So off to Aorere College in Papatoetoe South Auckland we went. A fantastic school with a large pacifica student base. We spoke with the school leadership group and on the 1st of November we delivered a keynote presentation to some 80 odd year 12 and 13 students as they looked to embark on new life challenges, either on leaving the school gates and taking on the world or returning as the school seniors.

Aorere College Keynote speaking | QRisk Paul Walsh

Situational Awareness

The greatest skill you can aquire for your personal safety and security. At School, at work, in travel, in life - A key message of the keynote presentation to Aorere College year 12 and 13 students in Nov 2018.

The Result

At one organisation we delivered key messages to their health and safety reps that we hope keep them, their colleagues and their customers safer in the workplace. But here is the kicker, of equal if not greater value a bunch of year 13 students received similar life skill messaging as they step beyond the school gates into a changing world. That was all thanks to Air NZ and their Health & safety forum. They were the enabler.

The Special Value Add

For the students at Aorere college we brought along an extra special guest. Noreen, our Q story ambassador came and spoke authentically around her experience. Heading home on a train one evening, she came close to not getting home at all. The students sat up and took notice when Noreen took to the stage. Read our blog - Girl on a Auckland Train

Become Part of It

You too can become part of the project. If you have a need for corporate training across a suite of topics designed to help keep people safe or if you think your team could benefit from a powerful and entertaining keynote presentation then lets chat. Because by that engagement you will be the enabler of empowering local students at a school that you choose.


Challenge your team | Keynote speaker QRisk

Challenge your team

Challenge your thinking - make change happen. Be the enabler

About the author;

Paul is a partner at QRisk and QTraining specialising in providing keynote presentations and corporate training solutions to individuals and organisations in NZ, Australia and abroad.

Paul Walsh