Xmas Keynote Special

Looking for that motivational or inspirational speaker at your xmas function or to kick start the new year. If so then lets chat. Whatever your objective is in terms of that speaker I am convinced we have some global back story to hit the mark. Lets chat today

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Keynote speakingPaul Walsh
The need for situational awareness | QRisk

The 26th of September is Situational Awareness day, given that we teach a bit about the topic I wasn’t even aware that such a day existed. Alas, I thought it timely to write this small article on the importance of having that engaged and appropriate level of situational awareness, and not just for the 26th of September.

Situational awareness relates directly to risk. So, if you don’t have any “risk’ in your life then you don’t need to read on. If, on the other hand you are of the view

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Paul Walsh