residential security

If you have security concerns around your home and the important people that live in it then give us call and lets discuss your requirements. Simply installing an alarm system isn't enough and can provide you a false sense of safety. We take a wider holistic view to our clients needs and tailor a security framework that is fit for purpose for your residential environment.

Burglary is an extremely invasive criminal act and the frequency of offending in New Zealand is staggering. It can be a crime of opportunity, or due to your circumstances you may be deliberately targeted.

Our 3 step process to reducing this risk looks like this;

  • Informal discussion to understand your security needs and provide some broad based considerations
  • Progress to an on site security review
  • Provide options and recommendations with client budget in consideration

Where required we can progress to a project management phase that provides installation and training.

Why don’t I just install an alarm system or upgrade my current one?
An alarm system is only part of the solution. Quite simply its a reactive system. By the time the alarm has sounded the burglary has already occurred and the invasion of your privacy has begun. Of course it should form part of your security strategy and we will introduce you to the latest technology based solutions. But please remember it is only part of what should be a broader approach to your home security.

What do you look for when doing this review?
Everything, in relation to your needs and circumstances. We review your current state and provide options around your desired state. This can include any of the following;
Alarms - Cameras - Locks and window latches - Dead bolts - Door construction - Passive infrared systems - Safe rooms - Personal emergency alarms - Outdoor lighting both white light and night vision options - Perimeter fencing - Dogs and dog training - Static guards - Security response agencies - Contents insurance review - Training

Why is the training important?
Training around your security system is important. What is more important though is to ensure your family know what to do should it activate. Your immediate actions. If you travel often whilst family members stay at home this level of training is essential. Training provides knowledge and increases situational awareness and this is empowering.

Why QRisk?
Because we can be trusted to come into your home and understand your concerns and tailor a security package that fits your budget, needs and physical environment. We provide a bespoke service from consultation through to installation and follow up. With our police background and the highest levels of security clearance we have the skills, trust and confidence that you seek to make your home a safer environment for your family.