Site Risk Assessment

Whats it about

Our expertise in Site Risk Assessments (SRA) is unique and looks at your site from a focused lens of people, safety and security. If your organisation "site", being a building, office space, shop (standalone or mall) , construction site, rural property, compound or needs to mitigate risk from;

  • Criminal offending - burglary or robbery
  • Angry or confrontational customers
  • Staff safety and security in arriving and leaving from the workplace

Then we should talk as  that's the starting point for a SRA.

From here will will understand what you are trying to achieve and we can conduct the assessment against your template of measurables or we will co design from our templates.  You will then have an independent and trusted view on current state with recommendations on what you need to do to get to a desired future state.

Our review can include but is not limited to;

  • General construction suitability
  • Doors and windows - construction, strength and suitability
  • Suitability of strong / safe rooms
  • Access control systems
  • Site environmental functionality - through a security lens - "Is my shop layout safe for staff"
  • Escape routes and plans for staff in different scenario's
  • Functional lighting - internal and external
  • Alarms - suitability and functionality
  • Use of technology based deterrent systems - fog and offender dna spary

Who is this for

Any organisation that believes their staff safety and security is at risk from incidents that have occurred or they believe are likely to occur and who want to mitigate that risk

Why do it

It provides you a trusted and independent report on current state and recommendations for improvement. You don't know, what you don't know and engaging us to do an SRA will unearth some of those findings.

And mostly because you care about the safety and security of your people.