Criminal Offending

Whats it about

If your business or organisation has suffered from, or is at risk from Criminal Offending we can help fix that.

The range of criminal offending is vast so we should start to fix it by having a conversation so we can get listen to understand.

Is it isolated offending. Internal or external involvement or a combination of both. Is drug abuse part of the problem. Do you have organisation "gaps" in your security and governance that means you are been exploited.

Do you need enhancement to security systems and or surveillance (done legally) then lets discuss this.

Is your business at risk of angry customers, burglary or robbery. All of this is puts your staff at risk and the solutions are deeper than just incident alert buttons (aka panic alarms), camera's and check lists.

Lets discuss your needs, as its quite possible that a number of our services will provide the greater solution. Site Risk Assessment - Audit & Review - Training.


Who is it for

Any organisation that wants to reduce the impact of criminal offending - internal and external


Because you value your staff. That's more important than the legal obligation in our view.