Audit & Review

Security and Risk - Audit & Review

What's it about

If your organisation or operation is large enough that you have substantial security systems and procedures then periodically you should have these tested. This is where our expertise and trusted independence helps.

Through consultation with you we will understand what it is you want reviewed and we will provide you an honest report on current state and if required, recommendations for continuous improvement.

Do you want to review contract security people, systems and procedure - no problem we have done this in NZ and abroad. If you are about reviewing with the intent of gaining insights to improve your security operation then give us a call.

Scenario Testing

As part of the review perhaps you should consider controlled scenario tests. Any part of your security operation can be tested with a bit of co design thinking. Then you gain deeper insights into operational efficiency or the lack of. Lets chat.

Who is it for

Any organisation that wants independence in the review of its security operations.

  • Security companies
  • Crown entities
  • Stadium owners
  • Forestry operations
  • Any business that wants independence in its review


Because independence provides you the confidence and clarity you need to validate the investment you make in security operations. We do it because we genuinely want to improve people and organisation resilience within the security sector.