Robbery & Shoplifting

training that reduces the impact of robbery & theft

Whats it about

Robbery and shoplifting from a retail perspective go hand in hand. Why ?, because you can go from shoplifting to robbery very quickly and its this understanding that your people need to be aware of.

Shoplifting is theft. Robbery is theft accompanied by violence. Whilst we can simplify the definitions, the procedures and training that needs to be put in place is a little more detailed. And it goes way beyond cctv, alarms and panic buttons (not a fan). So lets have a chat about your operating environment because there will be some uniqueness.

Central to all of our training in this space starts with the module on situational awareness. We wont talk or train to theft or robbery unless there is a commitment to understand personal situational awareness. That's where the resilience starts.

Robbery and shoplifting intervention should always be about people safety first. Once we are aligned to this princippla we design the training and policy and procedure to suit your operation.

Who is it for

Any shop, retail or hospitality business that has a risk of shoplifting and or robbery. Banks - Bars - Pharmacy - High Street Shops - Suburban stores


Because you know that shoplifting is a multi million dollar loss industry and your biggest asset to mitigate this is outstanding customer service by staff who are confident and situationally aware. And in terms of robbery you want our support because the single most important thing to do is, safeguard your people.