Our Expertise

Very experienced through operational planning and execution of task at all levels of personal and VIP security. In engaging our services the assurance is given that your team will come from the best of police and military units. If heads of state and international touring artists have trusted us with their safety, you can too.


Our Approach

Our approach to security is simplistic and it starts with a conversation to understand your needs. We then adopt a "big picture"  strategic approach to identify the risks and provide you with intelligent solutions.

Personal or corporate, residential or commercial we work with you and manage your security concerns. Operating in challenging environments, emerging markets or conflict zones - no problem so have we. This provides you with the trust and confidence that our solutions will support your endeavours and commercial success.

In NZ or abroad, speak with us today around providing solutions to keep your people and assets safe and secure.


VIP Protection - International security - Residential Security

We are living in a changing world. What was once unexpected, is now expected. What could never happen, happens. The solace is knowing that situations exist that you can plan for and usually thwart. So many negative scenarios which is why I trust and take design from QRisk. I have adopted the credo of “not on my watch” for my touring career and I know that my chances to live by that quote go up drastically with QRisk by my side on tour anywhere in the world.
— Mike Amato - Respected International Tour Manager of Great Bands - Apr 2018


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