Self Defence

Corporate self defence training

Whats it about

Quite simply self defence legislation allows people to defend themselves. In and outside of the workplace people should not feel they have to be a victim of violence or aggressive customers.

In this module the self defence is taught as an absolute last resort and as a technique for you to remove yourself from the situation. It's about confidence and how to engage a positive mindset. The module touches on the law, how to deal with aggressive customers and deescalate the situation first. The key difference with our training is we extend this to learn how to create an exit strategy and if required to use very basic self defence techniques to facilitate that exit. A stun and run strategy. In the right circumstance it is absolutely the appropriate and legal thing to do.

Who is it for

Any business or organisation that has the possibility of staff being confronted by angry customers or members of the public. This should be of particular interest to those organisations that have staff going into peoples homes. This is not about creating self defence experts this is about giving people some basic tools to help create an exit strategy in confrontational situations.


Because people safety comes first. Teach how to deescalate, create time and space, develop an exit strategy and provide very basic self defence confidence.

I just wanted to say, thank you for sharing your knowledge and empowering me to feel confident about defending myself if I ever need to. I absolutely believe every women should attend this course, thank you guys
— Mandy