Hilarious & Entertaining

Keynote with Humour

Do you want a entertaining keynote that brings hilarity mixed with powerful key messages to you event ? If so we should seriously chat. Lets get together and I’ll share a few of the insights into global career that has always had a good dose of serious humour mixed in with it. Its not all guns, rock n roll, war zones, prison cells and international travel…. ah well it actually is, but in all of that there is a hell of a lot of funny stories to entertain your audience.

Hilarious tales from East Timor to prison cells in Africa

Hilarious tales from East Timor to prison cells in Africa

Tailored Keynote

No doubt you will have key messages that you want delivered. Perfect, and if you want to mix it up with a dose of humour then lets chat. We will tailor the stories and the tone to make sure its appropriate for your audience.

In terms of tone, if we draw a music analogy you can more like foo fighters or more like eminem, its your day so come and help co design it. R18 language or not so much, either way you will be entertained and pick up some helpful team and business improvement along the way.

Any of our off the shelf or health and safety keynote presentations can be blended. Lets chat.

And remember your gig changes young peoples lives through our pay it forward program. The gift is yours !

But funny as SH*T

But funny as SH*T

Its not all serious !

The job maybe serious but that doesn’t mean you have to take yourself too seriously. High risk operations and training mixed with hilarity. Come here the stories, you’ll be surprised. Relax, we tailor it to the right tone.

Corporate keynotes with humour - lets chat.

Explosive Training.jpg

Oops Did we set that on fire

From setting fire to a range and trying to invoice the military for scrub clearing through to seriously funny practical jokes.

When highly trained operators and boredom meet, black humour arrives. Come here the tales. Gingernuts or Muffins - your choice, both stories are funny and bring a different slant on the phrase shitz n gigglez.

There is even humour when a prison door slams ! (maybe not so much at the time though)