Gift your staff the skills on situational awareness through to critical incident readiness with our bespoke training solutions.

You have a legal obligation to keep your employees safe at work. That means protecting them from harmful situations, workplace hazards and situations of conflict. But this is more than just an obligation – it's an opportunity.

Module Client Co Design

Our module based system is your ability to co design the right training package  that suits your organisational needs, budget and scope of training delivery or key note presentation. The value add in our training modules is that, the skills learnt are life skills and the that people participating will hold onto them well after the course end. Skills that will give you real benefit in the workplace and will give them real benefit in life.

Employers that are genuine about people safety acknowledge that you can extend the learning beyond the office and thereby empowering your people to become better, safe and more resilient employees.

We have the ability to deliver, from a one hour engaging presentation through to a co designed training framework which defines training needs, delivers outcomes and supports that with operational procedures where required.

Our training puts you in a win-win situation. It helps fulfils your legal obligations and it's also a valuable gift to your staff. The skills they learn will stay with them throughout their lives – and they'll have you to thank for that.

The content is brilliant, such wonderful life skills and advice for everyone to incorporate into their everyday lives. Our team found the material so beneficial and are still discussing it regularly. They are wonderful facilitators and from the moment they started speaking they had the entire room captivated. They use real gritty stories from women we can all identify with and situations that started out as ones we have all been in. The feedback we had from our team was phenomenal , they were blown away that we as a company cared enough about their personal safety to make such an investment. They appreciated immensely that we invested in this training. I strongly recommend it. What an amazing eye opening course.
— Amy Buller - People Leader

Situational Awareness

Self Defence

Critical Incident Readiness


Robbery & Shoplifting

Red Flags