Corporate pay it forward program

Your corporate speaking or training engagement with QRisk will change young peoples lives outside of your organisation and they will have you to thank for it - Read on and contact us today for more of the why and how.

You wont pay a dollar more for your co designed training, business improvement or keynote presentation, but you will be changing and inspiring young people in a school that you choose and that’s powerful. Certainly its worth a few minutes to chat about ? That part costs nothing.


The How

Simple, if you were planning on some corporate training or a keynote presentation or a speaker for your upcoming function, then give us a call.

We take a decent amount of the client fee and pay it forward to a school that you choose. We make the approach to that school and in consultation with school leaders, tailor the right course or presentations for those students.

Part of the delivery will include acknowledgement and appreciation back to the business that engaged us for the presentation. A handwritten letter framed up on the reception wall perhaps ? The gift is yours !

QRisk delivering life skills training to students in South Auckland

QRisk delivering life skills training to students in South Auckland

The Why

We have some unique skills and stories to pass on to young people. These are life skills around situational awareness and making better decisions - at work, in travel, in life. It's our way of paying it forward and you get the thanks. You won't know it at the time - but at some point in the future some young persons life is changed for the better, for the decisions they have made, because of the training they received, and you helped make that so.

Pay it forward with QRisk

Pay it forward with QRisk

In Action

Read our more detailed client case study here. Air NZ we seeking a keynote speaker for their H&S forum. We delivered that. Then on behalf of Air NZ we delivered life skills on situational awareness to year 13 students at Aorere College.

“Developing resilience and awareness are indeed crucially important for our senior students as they leave our supportive environment. I would like to acknowledge the fact that this presentation would not have occurred without the support of Jo from Air New Zealand and yourself. The choice of Aorere College has been greatly appreciated and has significantly benefited our students”