The Q

In 2011 we wanted a single letter to represent our brand and what we offered. It needed to demonstrate professionalism, strength, intelligence and trust. The best letter that seemed to fit was Q. It’s the Q that provides our customers with the confidence and trust in the delivery of our services.

QRisk is a part of Group Q NZ limited.


Fixes problems and issues in New Zealand and abroad through risk and security consultancy services, and educating by engaging keynote presentations and bespoke training.

Training that educates and empowers people through training packages with its foundation modules in situational awareness.

Q values


We aim to build it with our clients quickly. We think it’s the highest value you can have. Part of that trust is developed by listening and understanding your needs, communicating openly and delivering. What we say we will do. You can trust that.


Alignment in thinking and values is key. We don't necessarily need to agree on all matters and healthy tension is good - but alignment in desired outcomes is gold and necessary. We like to work with organisations that think the same way.

No fluff

This means, no waffle, no bollocks, no false statements of expertise, no writing of a 20 page document when we can write it in 10. We are a low touch, high-impact consultancy company.


This is dodge, this isn't. We love the ad. We enjoy working with people who are like minded, believe in change and have agreed outcomes. We take our work super seriously but not ourselves. We'll have a laugh on the way and that's all dodge!  (note - we don't drive dodge cars - we just love the ad)

Our imagery

We have deliberately chosen landscape and nature pictures to reflect our services and draw the connection to Risk, Security and Training through our main imagery. There is New Zealand, Australia and international shots to represent our backstory and our ability to deliver globally.  In today's corporate world we think our images are refreshingly different. Let us know what you think.

QRisk Feedback

We have delivered our services in many parts of the world for a range of different clients. There are consistent themes to their feedback. We expect that you will receive the same great customer experience. Check out our feedback.


Paul Walsh

Paul is able to operate in culturally diverse communities from conflict zones to the corporate world of personal protection. Paul's excellent communication skills, attention to detail and commitment to task ensures a bespoke and trusted level of customer service is delivered.

Well qualified through a specialist career in the Special Tactics Group (STG) of the NZ Police and in international consultancy, Paul offers leadership in security planning and critical incident management ensuring your plan is robust and delivered in a professional manner.

His international career is extensive with the undertaking of key protection, investigative and or training roles in Europe, UK, Australia, East Timor, The Solomon Islands, East Africa, Asia, Afghanistan, Mexico and throughout South America.

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Katie Williams


Katie is our trusted advisor who has the right subject matter knowledge through her industry experience as a Security Advisor for NZ Post.

Katie was responsible for Southland, Otago as well as a shared Canterbury region, providing advice, assurance and professional services to the New Zealand Post Group and was directly involved with complex Police and Customs investigations resulting in prosecution.

She is available to assist with security reviews, critical incident management planning and staff training on safety, risk and security related topics such as robbery, bomb threats, receipt of suspicious packages and staff safety and awareness.

Our trusted team

We have a good number of trusted specialists that are all dodge and have expertise across our range of services. You will be impressed by their pedigree. Security operators from the best trained units of the NZ Police and NZ Defence Force. Business experts in communication, change management and business transformation. If you require our services - then the team we put on it is trusted to deliver. That's dodge!