Situational Awareness

corporate situational awareness training

What's it about

This is our foundation module. It is central to all our courses and key note presentations. Its underpinned by our message that "Situational awareness is the greatest skill you can acquire for your personal safety and security". In this module we will take you through  understanding what having an engaged and appropriate level of situational awareness means - Strategies to adopt it on a daily basis in and out of the workplace.

Situational awareness training is not a myth or a new training buzz word, its real and an absence of situational awareness reveals itself in many workplace accidents. In fact where you find a human factor has a part of a root cause or contributor to an incident or workplace accident occurring then you are likely to find an absence of situational awareness.

Every employee and in fact, we think every person needs the appropriate and engaged level of situational awareness. Its need as a life skill is not gender specific - its a skill to carry with you well beyond our course end. Think of those occasions where you changed a course of action because "I had a gut feeling that was about to happen" or those times when you got caught out - "shit I didn't see that coming". Both are raw examples of having an appropriate and a lack of situational awareness.

Through our courses and practical scenarios we will enhance your teams level of situational awareness so they can adopt it on a daily basis. Contact us now and lets discuss this in a bit more detail.

Who is it for

Organisations that have potential for face to face customer or client conflict. Businesses that have staff working alone or in isolated areas or staff arriving and leaving at different hours - Banks - Hospitality - Retail - Call centres - Brokers - Real Estate - Any business that values its staff safety in & out of the office benefits from life skill situational awareness training.

Think of all of those scenario's which if you could wind back the clock - and have a different perspective of what was about to happen and how that perspective could change outcomes and then think how having an engaged level of situational awareness could change outcomes for the better. It does not necessarily change things from occurring but it does improve your readiness to react and recover.

At its core it is having an understanding of risk, your environment and you.

The forest worker working around falling timber and machinery, the nurse working in the ER department, the bank teller dealing with a threat of robbery, a broker visiting customers in remote locations, the real estate agent dealing with a cross section of our society, the hospitality and retail industry who often have to deal with angry customers, front line response personnel dealing with drunks, the council workers dealing with 'stuff", driving on our roads through to walking home at night. Its people living life ! We even have tailored packages for teenagers and students.

Risk exists - In any given occupation, and at any given time of day or circumstance, at work, home, in travel, in life, it is absolutely appropriate to engage the right level of situational awareness. Thats why its a life skill ! Empower your people to flick this switch today.


There is of course the legal obligation to safeguard your people but much more importantly you are giving life skills centred around situational awaress training that they will carry with them well beyond your employment and they will have you to thank.

...They were blown away that we as a company cared enough about their personal safety to make such an investment...
— Amy Buller - People & Development